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Mount Burrell is situated in the lush environment of the Mount Warning caldera, in between the gorgeous villages of Uki and the world famous town of Nimbin. The volcanic soil is rich, the Tweed River flows right through the Village, and the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking!

The village consists of the iconic Sphinx Rock Café, the General Store, Bottle Shop, the Service Station, several vacant shops, and of course the beautiful landscape that makes up the Caravan Park.

The Sphinx Rock Café is operated by two well known locals, John and Sharon. The food is not what you would expect from a country Cafe... it’s absolutely fresh, contemporary, and simply delicious! The café itself was constructed using locally milled timber and built by locals. It’s rustic, open planned, and boasts a lovely kids’ area, which includes a great covered sand pit. On Sunday’s there is live entertainment, well known in the area as the ‘Sunday Sesh’. A very popular destination for sightseers, motorcyclists, and locals of course. John and Sharon have been long term tenants, and run a very solid business indeed. You can check out their website at and Sphinx Rock Café Facebook

sphinx rock cafe

The General Store and the Service Station are operated by, Di, another local. The shop is very well stocked with everything you could possibly imagine. There is petrol and diesel available at the service station, as well as ice, and also a bottle shop. This shop is the only one for miles and miles, and is well frequented by locals and passersby alike.

There are two vacant shops that were operated very profitably as a veggie shop, until the owner became ill. We are currently in negotiations with several possible new operators, and see that re-establishing the veggie shop as key to a symbiotic enhancement of the entire commercial precinct.

The Caravan Park is nestled along the gorgeous upper reaches of the Tweed River, and also has acres of lush grasslands for camping etc. There has recently been extensive expenditure (well in excess of $200,000) spent on the sewerage system, an expense that is necessary in terms of infrastructure, but quite often not appreciated. There are six permanent cabins available for lease, as well as approval for 20 van sites. All that is required are cosmetic improvements to launch this Caravan Park onto the ‘must stay’ list for travellers.

The entire precinct requires capital expenditure to bring it up to modern day standards (with the exception of the Café which is already very aesthetically pleasing).

It is currently returning around 9% per annum, however with some capital expenditure on improvements, proper marketing and so forth, this village is set to reach its full potential in the ensuing years.

There is currently a DA for in excess of 400 lots on the neighbouring property, which we are currently negotiating to purchase. This obviously brings huge potential for growth in the future.

Redevelopment plans

Work has commenced on a Redevelopment Plan for the Mount Burrell Commercial Precinct including the Sphinx Rock Café, General/Store and Petrol Station and the Caravan Park. Mount Burrell Commercial Pty Ltd has engaged Sustainable Park Solutions to prepare a master plan and business plan for the site.

A team from Sustainable Park Solutions and Guymer Bailey Architecture/Landscape visited the site late last month and has identified a range of opportunities to improve the quality and consistency of the guest experiences at the precinct. Some of the suggested improvements include new entry statements, improvements to building presentations, new residence/office, onsite accommodation options including safari tents and a camp kitchen/meeting space. The team will also be looking at infrastructure issues including water quality and supply to the precinct.

The Sustainable Park Solutions team is expected to provide a preliminary report to Mount Burrell Commercial later in the month.


A Biodiesel plant has been proposed to be included in the service station area of the precinct as Biodiesel is a complete replacement for fossil diesel. It can be used neat or blended into fossil diesel, and is found in all diesel fuel sold in the eastern states of Australia. Globally the biodiesel industry makes a huge contribution to decreasing dependence on oil imports; adding lubricity to fossil diesel; cleaning up emissions; and generating local employment.

Biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) has by far the lowest emissions of any hydrocarbon. A commitment to turn local UCO into biodiesel is the next best solution to converting our car fleets to electric, using sun and wind power. Converting UCO into quality biodiesel ensures that every diesel vehicle can use the fuel with no modifications to the engine or fuel system, biodiesel is a drop in, full replacement fuel for any diesel vehicle.

To produce quality biodiesel a plant, premises and strict operating procedures are required.

Proposed Plant

The plant and process that is proposed to be built and installed will produce approximately1000 litres of high quality biodiesel daily from UCO; suitable for use in any diesel vehicle as a complete replacement or blended fuel.

To process the required 1200L of UCO daily, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Pre-treatment of UCO
  2. Transesterification (removal of glycerine and replacement with methanol)
  3. Refining (remove all impurities from the biodiesel)
  4. Drying (remove water)
  5. Final filtration

Mount Burrell

A beautiful village in the Mount Warning caldera

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